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Eden Joinery & Display is a Full Service Exhibition Company offering clients peace of mind that we can personally take care of ALL of their exhibition and Joinery needs.

From Exhibition Stand Design & Build, to Graphic Design & Production, to Full Show Planning & Production and much more. With over 30 years’ experience in the exhibition and Joinery industry from small portable displays and counter to larger events most exhibitions being at the NEC, Excel, Earls Court, Olympia and various venues in Europe. including many promos at the canne film festival.

we can manufacture your display through scale drawings to the full finished product.



Bentley Display
Man Cave

Man Cave

Canary Wharfr


3 Days to convert
Home Joinery

Home Joinery



Bentley Stand NEC

Here at Eden Joinery & Display we were given a week notice to build an amazing stand for a great customer. So we set to work on a stand design to enable them to exibit there busineas, the design and build was critical for the success of the event.

No matter How big or small your requirments are get in touch with Eden Joinery & Display we are here to help you fulfil your dreams. Email: info@edenjoinery-display.co.uk

  • Bespoke Design

    From Bespoke drawings to your design in full

  • Old Heritage

    Restore your precuious belongings

  • Materials

    From MDF to Pine you name it we can create your dream

  • Structure

    From Structure work to kids play bedsr

  • Waverley Arms

    Eden Joinery & Display were tasked with a huge project, to strip out an old bar in a public house and install a new modern bar in a night.

    „Amazing all we can say before we brought the pub we knew what we wanted to do Jason came along measured up and went away we then recieved drawings which were adjusted to our needs. Eden Joinery then came and fitted the Bar it looks amazing could not recceomend them high enough..“

    The Bar was designed and created in the work shop, progress pictures were sent and once completed a final picture was sent all was agreed now came the difficult bit as the Bar was currently trading. The Bar was taken to the pub and installed and assembled throughout the night so the pub was ready to open the next day


  • Bentley

    We had a week to design and complete the Bentley stand and have it installed at the end of the week

    „We have worked with Eden Joinery & Display on many occassions and they have never let us down always on time and always meets deadlines.“

    After fininshing our last project we got straight onto another one thats how we work here at Eden joinery & Display no matter what the project is we dont like to keep our customers waiting.


  • Emma Watson

    Custom Princess Bed, from a princess picture, within 3 days for a Birthday

    „I had seen Jason's work and I wasnt sure to start with if the job requested was to small for his company, after speaking to Jason as I had been let down he agreed to do it faster than the previous company but also cheaper. My little girl was over the moon. if you decide you want furniture making go with this uy you wont regret it.“

    Emma was let down and had paid a deposit, we were able to get her bed designed and created from a picture sent all within in time and cheaper. The bed was assembled while the little one was at school her face was a picture Emma thanks for the Pictures